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Johann Pachelbel Vol. 2 Music for Keyboard Instruments

Johann Pachelbel Vol. 2  Music for Keyboard Instruments 
© 2019 (KL1529)
total time: 71:51

Catalogue no.: KL1529

EUR 16,95

19 % VAT incl.

With his compositions for keyboard instruments, Pachelbel left the type of instrument, on which each work could be played, open to the musician. Thus, Márton Borsányi had to consider carefully whether he should play these pieces on the harpsichord or the organ. For those pieces where the virtuoso chose the harpsichord, he is playing on a reproduction of the Mayer harpsichord from 1619 – one of the only 13 instruments preserved from the time of Pachelbel. Where the organ is his choice of instrument, he is playing on the euphonious Deutschmann organ in the Kálvin Square Reformed Church in Budapest.

By exploring the full potential of each instrument, Borsányi presents not only a historically accurate interpretation but also one of exceptional musicality and sensitivity. The composer’s ingenuity, which was even praised by Johann Mattheson, an important publicist at the time, is wonderfully expressed here. Márton Borsányi fills the air with the most distinct and distinguished timbres, and proves once more that this music has everything to offer: from a deeply moving aria to the sparkling virtuosity of a Toccata!
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