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Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations

Johann Sebastian Bach:  Goldberg Variations 

© 2013 (CD KL1504)
total time 79:56

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Catalogue no.: KL1504

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Bach’s Goldberg Variations for string trio: Johann Sebastian Bach’s demanding masterwork for keyboard instruments is presented in an unusual arrangement with Hubert Buchberger (violin), Valentin Eichler (viola), and Luise Buchberger (cello) on this Klanglogo disc. The transcription for string trio, prepared by the violinist Dmitri Sitkowetsky in 1984 and which has since then become exceptionally popular, is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Goldberg-performer Glenn Gould.

Viewed from a string player’s perspective, there are many connections with other of Bach’s works: the prominent song-like nature of the Aria and of some other variations is reminiscent of famous passages from the master’s oratorios, cantatas, or instrumental works, while the cycle’s dance-like elements point to the dance-movements of many suites, partitas, or cantatas. The present recording’s three performers have grappled intensively with Sitkowetsky’s transcription, and have made a number of minor adjustments regarding voice leading, ornamentation, rhythm, and articulation in order to come as close as possible to Bach’s original work – even in an arrangemen

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