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Straube plays Bach Dean Billmeyer

Straube plays Bach  Dean Billmeyer 
© 2018 (ROP614546)
total time 130:35

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Catalogue no.: ROP614546

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In 1913, Karl Straube published his edition of ten Preludes and Fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach, who had been his illustrious predecessor as cantor as St Thomas’s Church in Leipzig. The late Romantic edition’s detailed performance instructions — including fingering, dynamics, phrasing, articulation, and registration — make it a seminal milestone in the performance history of Bach’s organ works.
Dean Billmeyer breathes new life into this significant edition, performing the pieces at historic organs built by Wilhelm Sauer. The two instruments heard on this disc were completed shortly after the turn of the century: they have retained their original condition and boast an impressively beautiful sound.
With great technical skill and sensibility, Dean Billmeyer masterfully transports his audience into the early years of the twentieth century and gives insight into the period’s understanding of Bach’s music. The organist gives listeners an impression of what Bach sounded like when the Romantic era was still the present and had only just begun to become history. Billmeyer’s recording offers the interpretation and expertise of an experienced, well-versed performer and connoisseur of the Baroque as well as the Romantic organ repertoire.

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