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Karl-Friedrich Beringer and the Windsbach Boys Choir


25 Jahre Karl-Friedrich Beringer
mit 100-seitigem Textheft
incl. Bonus-CD: Motetten 1979, bisher auf CD unveröffentlicht
© 1979-2003 (ROP6005)

Catalogue no.: ROP6005

EUR 44,95

19 % VAT incl.

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Since 1978, Karl-Friedrich Beringer has been conducting the Windsbacher Knabenchor - not only one of the most outstanding boys’ choirs in the world, but also an unparalleled success story. That the Windsbacher Knabenchor these days enjoys such widespread acclaim is due largely to Beringer, who over the years has nurtured the choir, and elicited from it precisely that unmistakably brilliant and pristine sound for which it is now so highly esteemed. To mark this silver jubilee, Rondeau Production has issued an impressive Anniversary Edition, containing six high-calibre productions from its catalogue together with an extensive booklet, all packaged in an exclusive box set.

Included in the set is a bonus CD featuring the choir’s very first recording of motets with Beringer in 1979. This is the first time these motets have been released on CD, the original LP having been sold out many years ago. The bonus CD contains various works from the a-cappella repertoire, including Bruckner’s “Locus iste” and modern classics by Kodály, Kaminski and Pepping. These early recordings, which almost merit the epithet “historical,” also provide an interesting point of reference for comparisons with the choir’s more recent recordings.

In an impressive manner, the Anniversary Edition covers the entire depth of the Windsbacher Knabenchor’s repertoire: from 16th century madrigals through to contemporary sacred music, the choir is highly praised for its exquisite a-cappella recordings. The set also features the first recording of Igor Stravinsky’s “Symphony of Psalms” in its original setting for boys’ choir. As no collection by these Bach connoisseurs would be complete without something by Bach himself, the Anniversary Edition also features two of great cantor’s less well known cantatas.

The Edition contains ROP1010, ROP1017, ROP2004, ROP2006, ROP2015 and ROP2016 and an additional bonus CD.

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