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Profile: Rondeau Production – at the Heart-Beat of Culture!

Rondeau Production is synonymous with recordings of sacred choral and vocal music of an exceptional artistic and technical standard. The company has fostered successful partnerships with the world’s leading vocal ensembles for many years: St Thomas’s Boys Choir Leipzig, the Windsbach Boys Choir, the Hanover Boys Choir – Rondeau is an enthusiastic supporter of these young talents and demonstrates the musicians’ impressive abilities on their award-winning discs. First-rate artists with ambitious visions, and an insistence on impeccable quality are the cornerstones for the label’s unique portfolio of recordings. The inclusion of organ music performed by artists such as Tobias Frank, Oliver Kluge, or Ullrich Böhme gives the catalogue a further dimension. Alongside the label’s manager and producer Frank Hallmann, a creative team of young music enthusiasts insure the label’s high standards. The music is recorded at inspiring and carefully selected locations, while the mixing, mastering, and CD-production are finalised at the label’s own sound studio in the heart of Leipzig. Indeed, not only the company’s offices in Bach’s home town guarantee that the label listens to the heart-beat of culture.

History: from the Backwaters into the Wide World

Rondeau Production – our name stands for over twenty-five years of enthusiastic and inspiring engagement for outstanding choral music in Germany. Karl-Friedrich Beringer, long-standing director of the Windsbach Boys Choir, founded the successful label together with Herbert Lange in 1977 in order to offer the ensemble’s work on recordings, and even today the world-class ensemble from Franconia counts among the label’s leading artists. In 2005, Rondeau Production decided to expand its catalogue and integrated into its portfolio St Thomas’s Boys Choir and the Hanover Boys Choir, both ensembles with rich traditions of their own. These ensembles were joined by more and more renowned choirs and vocal ensembles, so that today Rondeau Production’s catalogue reads and sounds much like a ‘Who Is Who’ of the German vocal music scene. In addition, the portfolio was expanded to include organ music, performed by acclaimed artists such as Tobias Frank, Oliver Kluge, and Ullrich Böhme. In 1996, the journalist and studied church musician Frank Hallmann took on the management of Rondeau Production, and the breadth and depth of the label’s present catalogue is largely a result of his efforts. Rondeau Production enables not only the production, but also the world-wide distribution of exquisite discs of stunning, high-quality sacred vocal music. Naxos Deutschland Musik & Video Vertriebs GmbH helps to make available the label’s titles to retailers across Germany and is one of the label’s most important partners.