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Masako Art

Masako Art
Masako Art, born in Kyoto, Japan, found her way to the harpvia the piano. After completing her piano studies, she begana special course of study in Medieval and Renaissance Musicwith Crawford Young and Heidrun Rosenzweig at the ScholaCantorum Basiliensis and received a diploma in baroque harp.She was awarded a second diploma in 2009, at the end ofher studies in historical harp with Mara Galassi at the CivicaScuola di Musica in Milan.As a continuo player and as a soloist, as well as in radio,television, audio and video productions, Masako Art hasgiven concerts with René Jacobs, Jean-Claude Malgoire,Andrea Marcon, Peter Tilling and with ensembles such asConcerto Vocale, La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy, L‘arpafestante, the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, I Barocchisti, La CetraBarockorchester Basel, {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna and theFerrara Ensemble. From 2008 to 2013 she taught HistoricalHarp at the Lucerne School of Music.Masako Art is an experienced expert in playing music from the14th to early 16th centuries, from Trecento to Frottola, fromMachaut to Agricola, and its contemporary keyboard settings,as well as creating her own intabulations. Her repertoireincludes essential harp obligato literature from Baroque operaas well as works from the romantic period. She is especiallyinterested in Haydn‘s works for harp, which she has recordedwith The Poker Club Band.