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Thomas Fritzsch

Thomas Fritzsch
Thomas Fritzsch, the world-renowned and celebrated gambist, has performed in European concert halls as well as on the podiums of the metropolises of New York, Boston, Tokyo, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Havana, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Jerusalem. Robert Marshall praised him as the "Casals of the gamba." With passion and brilliant historical knowledge, Thomas Fritzsch researches and discovers lost and forgotten works of gamba literature, which he consistently premiers, edits and makes world premiere recordings of. Among his most spectacular finds include Carl Friedrich Abel’s 2nd Pembroke Collection, Abel’s Ledenburg Sonatas and sonatas by Johann Christian Bach. Thomas Fritzsch attracted worldwide attention in the musical world through the rediscovery of the long forgotten "12 Fantaisies pour la Basse de Violle" by Georg Philipp Telemann. As an international promoter for the music of Bach and Abel, Thomas Fritzsch was named cultural ambassador of the city of Köthen in 2014.