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Klaus Mertens

Klaus Mertens

Immediately after Klaus Mertens completed his studies, his career as a much sought after performer, in particular of Baroque oratorio, took flight . In October 2003, he concluded the complete recording of Bach's cantatas with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra conducted by Ton Koopman. This tenyear project, which was combined with largescale tours of Europe, America, and Japan, singles out an exceptional highlight in his singing career; here, for the first time ever, a singer recorded Bach's entire vocal ouvre on CD, and performed it in concert. Mertens' repertoire, including the Lied, Oratorio, and Concert genres, encompasses myriad works from Monteverdi through to contemporary composers, some of whom even dedicate their works to him . His particular interested is directed towards the discovery, rediscovery, and revival of so far unperformed music. Regularly, Mertens sings with renowned orchestras and conductors, but also with varying chamber music ensembles. He has given performances at numerous international festivals. His present discography which contains around 165 CDs and DVDs, as well as endless radio and television broadcasts underline his competence as a multifaceted singer.