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Rondeau Production welcomes you to our online shop. You will find a selection of high-quality CDs on our site. Ordering with us is good value, quick, and safe. Do take your time to study our wide range of offers — and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or problems: we are there to help!


Bach & Sandström

The works of Johann Sebastian Bach have always been a point of fascination for the Swedish composer Sven-David Sandström (*1942), and they have inspired him to write his own music. In addition to writing a St Matthew Passion on the basis of the libretto by Picander, the Scandinavian composer also grappled with the texts employed by the great cantor at St Thomas in his motets. [read more]

Studio • CD Production • Distribution

A label - and much more.


Rondeau Production is the home of high-quality choral music. Based in the music-city of Leipzig, the label’s enthusiastic team deals with all matters surrounding the production of a CD — quite literally, for the French word denotes a round dance of the Renaissance. The repertoire we record with renowned singers and ensembles as well as with fascinating new-comers ranges from this period through to contemporary music. Artists and customers alike can rely on everything being handled expertly by Rondeau’s experienced team: from the initial contact, to the CD’s planning, its production, editing, and design, the preparation of the booklet, and the product’s international distribution.

Our team are experts in their jobs, and they themselves often have a strong background in vocal music. All of us know what is at stake: the high artistry of the works that are to be recorded needs to be matched not only by the performers’ musicality, but also by the studio production of the recording and the placement of the finished product. Rondeau has now guaranteed this exceptional quality for over 25 years.

In 2011, the company opened its own studio and now offers these additional services beyond its core responsibilities as a label. In the past, we have successfully worked together with acclaimed partners such as the Carus-Verlag Stuttgart, the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Deutschlandradio, and others.

DCW 2014:
Sonderpreis Rondeau Production

alttextDen Sonderpreis Rondeau Production erhält das Ensemble Vocapella Limburg unter der Leitung von Tristan Meister. Damit gehört das Ensemble zu einem der erfolgreichsten Teilnehmer beim 9. Deutschen Chorwettbewerb in Weimar. Der von Rondeau Production gewidmete Sonderpreis im Wert von 4.250 Euro besteht aus einer CD-Produktion mit den Tonmeistern des Leipziger Chor-Labels. [weiterlesen]

Thomaskantor Biller tritt zurück


Nach 22 Jahren im Amt tritt Thomaskantor Georg Christoph Biller zum 1. Februar 2015 zurück.
Wir danken Professor Georg Christoph Biller für die vielen Jahre wunderbarer Zusammenarbeit. Mehr als 25 CDs haben wir gemeinsam aufgenommen, die ohne die beispiellose Hingabe des Thomaskantors, seine Geduld und Freundlichkeit und seinen Drang zur Perfektion nicht möglich gewesen wären. [weiterlesen]



Our recent CD releases

St Thomas's Boys Choir Leipzig

Johann Sebastian Bach:
The Great Choral Cantatas

Johann Sebastian Bach:  The Great Choral Cantatas

Georg Christoph Biller, cantor at St Thomas Leipzig, has made music history: as director of St Thomas’s Boys Choir Leipzig, which is... ROP4046 EUR 69,95

(incl. 19 % VAT Plus Packaging & Postage)

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Premiere recording in german language

Arthur Honegger:
King David

Arthur Honegger: King David

Arthur Honegger’s Le Roi David – only rarely can this extensive work be heard in German: with the present CD, Rondeau... ROP6088 EUR 15,95

(incl. 19 % VAT Plus Packaging & Postage)

Details 1 x 'Arthur Honegger:|King David' order

Intimate sounds from the Lute

Vinícius Perez
The Galant Lute

Vinícius Perez  The Galant Lute

Using the quiet and secluded location of a monastery, Vinícius recorded galant works by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Karl... KL1515 EUR 16,90

(incl. 19 % VAT Plus Packaging & Postage)

Details 1 x 'Vinícius Perez| The Galant Lute' order

The Great Symphonies from a different perspective

Johannes Brahms
Symphonies 1 & 2

Johannes Brahms Symphonies 1 & 2

The Four Symphonies by Johannes Brahms belong in the repertoire of every major symphony orchestra – and the Staatsorchester Frankfurt... KL1513 EUR 16,90

(incl. 19 % VAT Plus Packaging & Postage)

Details 1 x 'Johannes Brahms|Symphonies 1 & 2' order